Our Current Resolutions

UNA London & South East Region
Resolutions agreed at
Policy Conferences and Special Regional Meetings up to October 2023

Our resolutions set out what members and supporters think about a wide range of international topics and what action they think the UK Government, the UN and others should be taking.

The full text of current resolutions agreed by members and supporters in the London & South East Region appears is available here: UNA London & South East Region policy resolutions approved as at April 2022. You can click on the links below to see the individual resolutions. Following that Policy Conference in April the Region  wrote to the Foreign Secretary sharing the resolutions we discussed, highlighting the new resolutions and changes made to previous policies (marked (*) below). Please see the response we were pleased to receive here.

Following the Regional AGM on October 28th, 2023, we wrote to the Foreign Secretary summarising our discussion on the forthcoming COP 28 on Climate Change and on the escalation in the Israel/Palestine conflict and enclosing the resolutions that we agreed upon. We were pleased to receive the following response from the FCDO.

The Region’s Executive Committee previously approved a resolution in February 2023 on the use of International Law in relation to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which was sent to the Foreign Secretary. We were pleased to receive the following response.

The Region also wrote the previous year to the Foreign Secretary in relation to those resolutions considered at our February 2021 Policy Forum. Please see the response we were pleased to receive here.

You are also welcome to quote the views set out as being the view of the UNA London & South East Region if you wish to follow up any of these matters with the Foreign Secretary, King Charles Street, London. SW1A 2AH (email: fcdocorrespondence@fcdo.gov.uk) or with other ministers. If you need the details of your own MP to write to them they can be found here. You can ask for their support in bringing the matter to the attention of the Foreign Secretary or other relevant ministers, in which case the minister is expected to respond.

  1. Afghanistan’s assets (*)
  2. Arms Trade impacts on the lives of women and children
  3. Atrocity prevention (*)
  4. Climate (*)
  5. Climate change and its impact on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) (*)
  6. Cybersecurity (*)
  7. Financial levy for clean water
  8. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) (*)
  9. How did Dag Hammarskjold die? (*)
  10. Human Rights
  11. Maximising the impact of the UN’s work
  12. Nuclear weapons (*)
  13. Oceans (*) 
  14. Our world after the pandemic (*)
  15. Palestine 100 years after the Balfour Declaration (*)
  16. Promoting peace
  17. Proposed laws restricting boycotts, divestment or sanctions
  18. Protection of journalists
  19. Recognising Ecocide as an international crime
  20. Refugees and Asylum Seekers in London hotels and elsewhere (*)
  21. Second Voluntary National Review of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (*)
  22. Sri Lanka (*)
  23. Strengthening training and leadership for UN peacekeeping and peace-building missions (*)
  24. Stripping foreign fighters of their citizenship: International human rights and humanitarian law (*)
  25. Syria (*) 
  26. The role of women in the UN (*)
  27. UK Aid budget (*)
  28. Ukraine crisis (*)  [Plus the Region’s Executive Committee resolution on the use of international law in relation to the invasion
  29. Vaccination for Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)
  30. Women, Peace and Security (*)
  31. Yemen
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