Anyone interested in helping support the work of the United Nations Association and promoting UN values here in the UK is welcome to join the UNA-UK.  If you live or work in the London and South-East Region you can also join those branches from the list below that are most convenient for you.

If you wish to get involved with your local branch you need to apply to them separately as memberships of local branches are organised independently of membership of the UNA-UK.

General ideas for branches can be found here. We are also sharing descriptions of activities from some individual branches:

The latest Public Insurance Certificate is  here. Branches that would like further support should contact us.

A UNA Group based in the London and South-East Region area is:

UNA Climate and OceansContact: Gonzalo Alvarez (Chair), See


Local branches in the region as follows:-

Bexhill and HastingsContact: Barbara Echlin,
Description: How infinitesimal is anything we can do! How infinitely important it is that we should do it! For several decades the Bexhill and Hastings UNA Branch has been working locally to help turn the ideals of the United Nations into reality. We support the work of the UN and its agencies, whilst also recognising the need for reform to strengthen its credibility and effectiveness. Despite the Covid pandemic we have continued to hold public meetings either on zoom or hybrid mode. In 2021 Gonzalo Alvarez organised a hybrid ‘Climate and Oceans’ meeting at the Dunbar Hall, Hastings with 80 people present and about 30 additional participants online. Young people were present and engaged. There was a lot of interest because it was getting down to some of the detailed science rather than just generalities. Gonzalo also organized a webinar in April with UNA Sweden and three COP26 webinars with politicians and a scientist from the IPCC report. Over 100 people were present at each webinar. The UN flag flew from Bexhill Town Hall for UN Day and Sheila Kesby organised our fourth annual in-person UN Peace Day Event: Build Back Differently – for the Better.  We circulated a short report by email to members and supporters and we have a full report for anyone who requests it. We marked UN Peace Day at the Bexhill Peace Pole. For Remembrance Sunday we laid a UNA wreath at the local cenotaph. You can see more of our activities on our UNA-UK Branch Facebook.

Blackheath and Greenwich. Blackheath and Greenwich Branch has a strong history of running speaker events and of working with the local refugee communities. The Branch is currently looking for new committee members.  Contact: Neville Grant,, 020 8858 8489 or

CanterburyContact: Chair: Valeria Minisini; Treasurer: BalaChandramohan; Secretary: Eleanor Brooks
Description: We work with many other city organisations through the Canterbury SDG Forum (Sustainable Development Goals), focusing on climate and environmental action, poverty, sustainable transport, education and women and girls equality. Our corporate members include the Soroptomists and also the Quakers, who allow us to use their meeting house for many of our meetings. We hold a flag raising event for UN day with local dignitaries and our other main events are a strawberry tea and an annual peace service in the cathedral. Every year we host speakers on a wide range of issues, often linked to UN focuses. We welcome new members and hold an open planning event each year in January to engage members. We have recently introduced zoom video-conferencing for our meetings, which has allowed flexibility for members and a wider audience for key speakers. Thus, for the time being our meetings will continue in a hybrid face-to-face and video format.

Dartford and District. Contact: Barbara Judge, 01322 27127.
Description: We welcome any new members in our area, to help us promote the work of the United Nations. Our volunteer-run group supports the work of UNA-UK by organising a diverse range of grass-roots activities. Ranging from speaker and fundraising events to film screenings and coffee mornings, these activities raise awareness and interest in the work of the United Nations at a local level across the country. We welcome any new members in our area, to help us promote the work of the United Nations. Our Branch produces a newsletter four times a year.

Deal. Contact: Pam Brivio,, 07772 471905 or 01304 225078.
Description: The Deal Branch of the United Nations Association usually hosts three or four events a year, including an annual fundraiser, Hiroshima Day event, public meeting, film showing. Our events often attract local media coverage. We try to take part in the United Nations Service for World Peace, held annually in Canterbury. A recent event, which I would urge other branches to consider, was a showing of The Calais Children – a case to answer,  about what happened to the children left behind when the Jungle was cleared.

Eastbourne. Contact: Ian Elgie,, 07704 178011.
Description: Our branch has a small active membership and a healthy list of local supporters who are prepared to attend meetings, as well as local businesses who support our projects. Our local programme usually consists of talks with invited speakers on a range of environmental and human rights issues. Attendances vary between 25 and 40 on average. All meetings are open to the public and are held usually in the Town Hall, Eastbourne. Human Rights Day is celebrated each year in the town centre which gives our branch the opportunity of publicising our presence in the community. Our branch is especially active in environmental work, planting tree species exceptional for their carbon capture efficiency. We are working with partners in Uganda, and since March 2022 also in Bangladesh. See our website for details of our projects and how to give your support.

Enfield and the BarnetsContact Bill Linton, 020 3105 1892.
Description: Enfield & The Barnets UNA  had, pre-Covid, and hope to have again, an annual collaboration with Middlesex University putting on a Model Security Council for a group of their students – it has always been very popular, with many reporting it as the highlight of their year. We run a book group, discussing serious non-fiction with an international dimension; and we meet twice a month (currently on zoom) for coffee and to talk about UNA affairs – or just chat. Those chats recently have frequently been about our unhappiness with the total lack of support from UNA-UK, its conversion from membership organisation to think tank where members appear to be irrelevant, and whether or not we wish to continue our association with such a body, individually and collectively. Also the total lack of response or acknowledgement from UNA-UK when we have raised our concerns with them – concerns which have been raised at an individual branch level and also collectively via LaSER.

Harpenden. Contact Suheil Shahryar, &
Description: UNA Harpenden was formed in 1947, as a successor to the League of Nations Union which had a branch in Harpenden since 1922. Today, UNA Harpenden is a group consisting of over 100 members and supporters covering not only Harpenden but also St Albans city and Wheathampstead. Its activities include holding monthly public meetings on a wide variety of topics relevant to the UN. The current Chair is Suheil Shahryar. The Harpenden United Nations Association is a local branch of UNA-UK whose objectives are to promote support for the principles and practices of the UN.  We hold regular public meetings in Harpenden on topics of interest to our members and supporters. We support the aims of UNA-UK by:

  • Organising public meetings to inform people about the work of the UN and related issues of international affairs
  • Supporting activities in local schools which inform pupils about the work of the UN
  • Fundraising to support organisations that are working to promote the aims of the UN
  • Urging the government to support the UN and to support reform of the UN in order to improve its effectiveness
  • Encouraging members to support UN and UNA campaigns
  • Encouraging good relations between people of different nationality

Our meetings are usually held in a local hall on Saturday mornings between 11am and 12.30 and are usually attended by 30-50 local members, supporters and others interested in the topic. The branch was formed in 1947 as a successor to the League of Nations Union which had a branch in Harpenden since 1922. The Harpenden branch includes supporters from St Albans and Welwyn Garden City.

Luton. Contact: Dr Nazia Khanum OBE DL (Chair) or UNA-Luton and Dr David Cheesman (Secretary),
Description: UNA-Luton Branch promotes equality, justice, peace, human rights & community cohesion.Luton is one of the most diverse towns in the UK, with a wide range of ethnicities, religions and cultures. Its people have links to almost every country in the world. Whenever events happen overseas, somebody in Luton is directly affected, and is well informed about the key issues. Like some other British towns Luton also faces socioeconomic challenges in a number of areas including health, housing, education and employment. UNA Luton contributes to the UN’s and UNA-UK’s goals by drawing on the wealth of Luton’s human resources, learning from experience in Britain and overseas and acting both locally and globally. We work with a wide variety of voluntary and statutory agencies including the local authority and the University of Bedfordshire and raise awareness widely to trigger activism for achieving a just, fair, healthier, safer, more equal and peaceful society. Join us to take forward the principles of democratic values and sustainable development goals of the UN and make a difference to our society and the world.

Merton. Contact: Alison Williams,, 020 8944 0574.
Description: We have meetings and workshops on UN-related events and developments. In recent years, we have had sessions on the UN Charter and UN Reform; on aspects of Security (Human Security, Sustainable Security, Nuclear and General Disarmament); on aspects of Development (the Millennium Development Goals, the Millennium Villages, the UN Global Compact), on the Environment (Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Climate Change) and on Human Rights – relevant to every issue.We fund-raise for UN-related causes including UNICEF, Refugees, and victims of man-made and natural disasters. Our chief fund-raising event is a Car Boot Sale in the summer at St Mary’s Field, Arthur Road, when the church make the field available.We lobby for political action to support the aims of the UN Charter (peace, justice and democratic governance for all).We co-sponsor a weekly Peace Vigil beside Wimbledon Library from 6:00-7:00 pm on Fridays.

Streatham and Clapham. Contact: Sarah Webster,, 020 8769 5095,  &
Description: Our Branch located at the edge of Inner London has a very diverse following. In the past this given us an interesting range of international issues that people have been concerned about and has led to us holding talks and activities relating to many places around the world. We have had talks on many issues including the role of women, as well as UNHCR and hearing from Martin Barber about working for the UN in the areas of humanitarian affairs and peace operations. We try to be inclusive so as well as organizing talks we organize other activities, this included a celebratory lunch when we won the Stevens trophy, a Hunger Lunch, a trip on the Thames to see 3 out of 4 UNESCO heritage sites in London and also Winter Socials. The Branch has also campaigned on Indigenous People for the 10th anniversary of the Declaration on Indigenous People, Yemen and ahead of the Climate Change Conferences COP26 in Glasgow, COP27 in Egypt, and COP28 in UAE. Do join us. Everyone is welcome.

Sutton and Croydon. ContactJas Weir,, 020 86472462.

Tunbridge Wells and Wealden. Contact Julia Jarrold (Secretary), or Jane Beeley (Chair)

Twickenham and Richmond. Contacts: Hilary Evans,  Denis Wilmot,
Description: Members of UNA Twickenham & Richmond (TRUNA) are interested in the whole spectrum of UN concerns, with a current focus on:
– The Middle East
– Refugees
– Climate change
– Issues relating to peace and conflict (from conflict prevention to arms control and nuclear weapons) are also major concerns for TRUNA members.
While TRUNA does not normally campaign on these issues as a UN Association, individual members are often active in such campaigns. TRUNA also publicises the meetings of its nearest UNA-UK neighbour, UNA Wandsworth. TRUNA has for some time held meetings about three-four times a year at the Adelaide Pub in Teddington, but this pattern is changing. The best source of information is the TRUNA Newsletter and the TRUNA entry on the UNA-UK website:

Wandsworth. Contact: Rob Storey, 020 3072 0087 or 07776 356334; Meena Storey (Secretary), 020 3072 0087.
Description: UNA has three public meetings each year, planning meetings, an annual religious service, summer and winter socials. We advertise our meetings locally by way of emails, the UNA website, our local SW15 website, friends and flyers. Details regarding Wandsworth UNA activities can also be found at

Westminster. Contact: David Wardrop,, 0207 385 6738;
Description: Westminster UNA flagship events include the RUSI Peacekeeping Conference and ourCenotaph ceremony to mark the International Day of UN Peacekeepers; plus the International Law Lecture and We the Peoples Film Festival.  Latterly, and after many years of pushing, we have succeeded in re-naming the area outside Central Hall Westminster (the first meeting place of the UN General Assembly in 1946) to be called ‘UN Green’

We also have a Young Professionals group, details on our Westminster website, which includes all of our projects.


We also have the following university and Model UN branches:-

BPP University UNA, Contact: Sartaj Haque,

Brunel Model UN Society, Contact: Gupta Vedant,

Imperial College MUN, Contact: Nil Bozkurt,

Kent Model UN Society, Contact: Justin Koelman,,

King’s College London, Contact: Hong Chong Wen,,

London Metropolitan Model UN, Contact: Natasha Vale,

London School of Economics UN, Contact: Lina Jeffcock,,

Queen Mary University Model UN, Contact: Evangelos Halatsis,

Regent’s University Model UN, Contact: K Fanning,

SOAS UN Association, Contact: Siti Najiihan Fikri,,

University College London Model UN, Contact:

University of Greenwich Model UN, Contact: Habib Diouga,,

Westminster Model UN, Contact: Nicole El-Halou,,

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