Follow-up to WHAT NEXT FOR THE UN? Building a more secure world Festival

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Hundreds of people from all over the world joined us from 18th-24th October to agree actions for building a more secure world. Peace Child International joined us in creating nightly workshops on: Peace Security; Food Security; Environmental Security; Economic Security; Peace and Security; Digital Security. Details of these can be found on the festival website. UNA-UK then joined us on UN Day to give Zeinab Baddawi the 2020 Sir Brian Urquhart Award for Distinguished Service to the UN, as well as organising a fascinating cross-sectoral panel. The festival ended with a rousing concert looking at The UN Past, Present and Future.

Now we are working on ways to take forward the Action Plan. You will see the preamble at the bottom of this page; you can then view agreed actions for Individuals, Communities, Nations, the International Community/UN and add your comments and suggestions.

The website provides recordings of the festival events, as well as blogs discussing ways to take the actions forward. Do share your ideas! We should welcome help in preparing packages of the materials that could be useful for schools (such as for assemblies)  and for community groups (like, for example, UNA branches).

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