Statement by UNA LASER on airstrikes in Syria

Peace and Disarmament

This is the statement issued by UNA LASER about the recent bombing in Syria carried out the the UK, US and France in response to allegations of chemical weapons use by Assad’s Forces.

UNA London and South-East Region remind the UN’s P5 members of their collective commitment in 1946

In deploring the current stalemate in the UN Security Council concerning events in Syria, UNA London and SE Region reminds its members that at the first meeting of the UN General Assembly held in Westminster Central Hall in 1946, Prime Minister Clement Attlee told delegates from 54 countries that they would succeed in their new venture only if they bought “the same sense of urgency, the same self-sacrifice and same willingness to subordinate sectional interests” with which they fought the war.

The five Permanent Members of the Security Council have repeatedly failed the aspirations of the UN as envisaged by Attlee, most recently during the appalling war in Syria, where millions of innocent people have suffered grievously, by failing to implement policies to ensure peace. Instead they have abused their position to advance their own sectional interest.

We call on the UK government to:

  • Work tirelessly for a diplomatic solution
  • Take a lead in pressing for a constructive Security Council Reform to enhance its ability to preserve International peace and security
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