UNA LASER 2021 Summer Council summary and recording


The UNA LASER 2021 Summer Council was held on 17th July.

It was organised by the Twickenham and Richmond UNA Branch (TRUNA). The theme was:

The UN: Past – Present – and Future?

The speakers were:

Past (from its roots in the League of Nations Union) – David Wardrop

Present (especially on Women, Peace and Security) – Professor Christine Chinkin

Present (especially on Climate Change) – Professor Paul Ekins

Future (on UN effectiveness and challenges) – Professor Sir Richard Jolly

Future (on participation and accoutability) – Dr Sarah Pantuliano (on

To see a recording of the event, please follow this link

  • 0:00:00 Trisha Rogers: Welcome
  • 0:07.25 David Wardrop: The League of Nations – successes, failures and models for the future
  • 0:42.15 Prof. Christine Chinkin: Women, peace and security and other Security Council developments
  • 1:20.25 Prof. Paul Ekins: Climate Change – good news, bad news, and what needs to happen
  • 2:25:15 Prof. Sir Richard Jolly: UN effectiveness and challenges
  • 3:00:35 Dr Sara Pantuliano: Development work that puts people and local organisation at its core.
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