Use the UN Security Council to deescalate the Ukraine situation

Peace and Disarmament Security Council
LASER member and former BBC UN correspondent Keith Hindell encouraged us to send the letter below. Do write to your MPs to the same effect!
Dear Foreign Secretary
I am writing on behalf of the London and South East Region of the United Nations Association  (UNA LASER) to urge you to call an immediate meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the critical situation in Ukraine, which could develop into the destruction of a UN Member State and possibly to an all-out war between Russia and NATO.
Even though leading NATO states are already trying hard to achieve a diplomatic solution, a Security Council meeting would allow all other member states to express their views. The UN’s primary purpose as stated in the Charter is “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war” and the current situation on the Ukraine-Russia border poses a severe risk of war. We therefore call upon the British government to demand an emergency Security Council meeting on this subject as soon as possible .
Yours sincerely
Patricia Rogers
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